Liturgy of the Word for Children

Children’s Liturgy is held on every Sunday at the 11:00 am Mass, after the introductory rite, Fr. Jose will invite the children to come forward for a blessing then they proceed to the coffee room, to listen the readings, and to discuss to them in an appropriate age format. And explore different ways that they can live the Good News in their daily lives, the children learn how Jesus expects them to live, and to become his followers. They will join the assembly after the prayers of the faithful.


Eucharistic Ministers

This ministry is for adult parishioners.

The Ministers of Holy Communion share the Body and Blood of Christ with their fellow worshipers. This ministry requires a great respect, reverence and understanding for the Body and Blood of Christ.



The primary role of St. Ann's Sacristans is one of service – that of assisting the priest during Mass. The responsibilities are multi-tasked – preparation, co-ordination and being a custodian.


Altar Servers

This ministry is for boys and girls who have received Holy Communion.

Altar servers could be considered an invisible ministry as attention is not focused on the servers, but rather on celebrating the Mass in a humble and reverent manner. 

The altar servers have an important role in the Sunday Celebrations. Their roles consist of: carrying the candles and cross during entrance and recessional rites, carrying the candles during the Gospel procession at the Alleluia, receiving the gifts from the priest during the procession of the gifts and placing them on the table, bringing the chalice, ciborium, water and wine, hand towel and bowl with water to the priest at the appropriate times, ringing the bell at the consecration of the bread and the wine, and returning the vessels and book to the side table at the end of Mass.


Gift Bearers

This ministry is actively participated by children's group.

This ministry involves bringing the gifts of bread and wine to the altar and presenting them to the presider during the preparation of the gifts. These gifts are a symbol of our communal offering. At the consecration the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ.



This ministry is for youths and adults.

The role of the lector begins with the announcements of welcoming and the reflection on the theme of the celebration and with the carrying of the Lectionary in procession. Ministers of the word through the proclamations of the First and Second Readings and the reading of the general intentions become the voice through which the Spirit speaks the revealing Word of God to the worshiping assembly. 

Prayer Requests:

Reaching out of St.Ann's Parish to Penelakut Island:


Children and Youth Ministry

Sr. Vinda Ochoa, RVM, Fr. Jai, and the Parish Pastoral Council, with the grace of God worked to initiate this Children and Youth Ministry. This ministery welcomes children and youth between 7 and 16 years of age. It offers “friendship in community, the value of prayers and Elders’ teachings and sharing gifts and talents in arts and music.” The program runs every Thursday from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm @ the Si'em Lelum Gym. For more information, please contact Barbara Charlie (250)-710-9805, and Sister Bing, RVM (250)-709-8982


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